Counselling Services in Lancing & West Sussex

Are you struggling with:

How you feel ~ Are you sad, angry, worried?

How you cope ~ You just can’t, don’t know how to or have had enough?

How you think ~ It’s too much?

How you behave ~ Why does this happen, Why me, No one gets it?


Why struggle on alone?
Make a change and get in touch
Talking therapies do work, it’s time to look after your mental and emotional health.
Therapy is touted as a non-judgemental safe environment, whilst I see the intent in these statements, I disagree. We all judge as we are human, so it’s about understanding that judgement. As for safe, therapy isn’t “easy” or “safe”, it is however about being held and boundaried while feeling hurt and troubled.

We all need a little help now and then, I am here to listen … I work on short term changes with long term understanding


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We don’t have the opportunity to travel back in time to deal with regrets, or to right wrongs.  That sadly isn’t something we can do, we can however look at decisions made in the past and challenge them in the here and now to make a difference to tomorrow.

My name is Deb and I work as a Therapist in Lancing, West Sussex and on Vsee or FaceTime.  I can offer time with someone who will sit with you supportively, yet challenge you to change and grow…


I have over 50,000 hours of experience with people from all walks of life, with problems large and small as they see them. Anything affecting your quality of life, with or without “labels” such as

Addiction, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, internet


Anger management




Blended families



Cancer (also personally experienced 2019)




Couples Therapy


Eating disorders

Family issues




Performance issues

Polyamorous relationship issues

Psychosexual issues 

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Relationship problems

Self esteem

Self harm

Sexual, Emotional, Physical abuse

Sexual Issues

Sport based issues, e.g. Mental blocks


Theatre nerves & Approaches

Webinars & workshops  for work

Work based issues

Workshops around BDSM, sex and sexuality

Workshops for sports, especially Cheerleading and working with issues such as communication, mental blocks, mental health and well being in sports (https://www NULL.facebook

 to name some of the labels used by clients that see me.

I work with Brighton & Hove Football Club seeing some of the Women’s team, Boy’s team, under 21’s players and staff and also with Southern Water around stress and in the Cheer industry too

I run national and international workshops on line too

I offer a range of counselling services in Lancing and on line, depending on your needs:

  • Private counselling – Talking about your experiences can help you release painful feelings and find better ways of managing situations you find difficult. By understanding events that have shaped your life you can overcome specific problems, such as compulsive eating or a lack of confidence. It may simply allow you to live a happier life.
  • Relationship and marriage counselling – Relationship therapy is for couples who want to sort out problems in their relationship. You attend sessions together to express your difficulties and develop a better understanding of one another. The aim is to develop a stronger, happier relationship.
  • Counselling for businesses or sports teams – this is about making the best of the relationships within your business or group. Enabling people to grow and to want to do the best for themselves and for your organisation.
  • Online Counselling – We use the internet with great success to work with clients who are unable to visit us in person or who prefer to work online. Working over Skype is effective for most of the issues people bring to me however serious disorders are not candidates for online counselling.



Email or call me if you want more information or to make a first appointment. In that first appointment we can work out if I am the right person for you,vice versa, or if your issue is within my competencies. (https://www NULL.facebook (https://twitter


I am only taking on line or calls currently. I am pretty full, but will try and fit you in as it is a stressful time for many which I understand. All my sessions are currently on line during this time.


Please note some of the images used on this site are related to phrenology and do not endorse a belief in phrenology nor that I practice phrenology. Phrenology put forward that  certain areas of the brain are responsible for areas of feeling and memory. Modern research is however stating some correlation with the where, when and what in the brain. Dr. Allen writes  that ‘advances in the neurosciences during the last decade have transformed our ideas about the brain, the mind, the body, and about treatment. Now, we are in an ever-improving position to look at what these recent findings may mean for psychotherapy in general and for transactional analysis in particular’.

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