Change is an unsettling time and it can bring out the best and the worst in us. We offer a way of looking at change, how you have dealt with change and why and how you can deal with the changes you are facing.

It may be a positive or a negative change, a new job, marriage, career, leaving home, retirement, divorce, redundancy, having children, moving schools, children leaving home.

Depending on what you perceive as positive or negative will influence how you feel, react, cope and manage that change.

In business change is often forced upon people, life can do the same. Organisations use structural approcahes to change as often where the word change is used, some loss is involved and that will be recognised as part of the process. Where there is loss there is grief even though that can be hard to hear.

We are client-centred and and in being so recognise the relationship between therapist and client as significant in creating conditions of growth. We are inclusive of all aspects of human experience and work directly with your experience as a reference point for setting a therapeutic agenda, for growing a stronger sense of self and learning ways of actively participating in your own developmental and formative process regarding change, where you have come from, where you are now and where you want to be. We work with personal responsibility and its connection to self–empowerment, and working in the here and now.

Society is currently full of pressure through media, social networking sites, success indicators such as the car you drive, the house you own as much the buggy you push, salaries and positions at work. As well as the pressure you put on yourself there is that from your family, friends, work etc. It is hard to work out what you want versus what you have been told you should want. Again, getting in touch with your own wants over change will really matter and will be part of the process between us.


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