Contract & Intake

This is the contract you enter but agreeing to work with me

Other pages here explain my insurance  and my GDPR policy. If you can not access the internet, I offer this in printed form.
Therapy is a weekly session of 50 minutes at Chay House, Lancing or on line/phone. Please ensure you have a quiet and confidential place for on line/phone therapy. Therapy is a confidential space, however, personal, legal and practical limits of confidentiality will be discussed in our first intake session and covered here. Confidentiality is superseded by court orders, acts of terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering. This also applies if you are at risk or harming yourself and or others.
Your data is confidential. I keep sparse notes electronically and on an encrypted laptop, however some information is also shared with referring agencies/organisations, within supervision, for case studies and any recordings as I continuously attend new courses. At times I use clients for writings, examples, case studies, supervision and educational purposes, please opt out if you do not wish to be used (anonymously) in this way. I have a separate form for recordings and I will clearly state if required. You may also request notes or data to be sent to a third party.
I will only contact you to discuss appointments, complaints, in case of emergency and to chase unpaid fees. Please state a contact preference (Email, text or WhatsApp) and the privacy status of your preferred method, If you wish to contact me, please email, WhatsApp or text. I will reply as soon as I can regarding re booking or administrative issues.
I may refer you to someone else if I am not experienced or qualified regarding your presenting issue. I may also need to seek guidance from a fellow professional too. If we are looking at psychosexual psychotherapy, please note, no surrogacy or physicality is involved.
Sessions have a 48hr cancellation policy and are payable 48hrs in advance if on line, which is VSee, Face Time, Zoom and due to Covid-19, skype only. Fees can be paid by cash, BACS or Paypal. Please note that using on line banking means they have access to some of your details re GDPR. On line appointments mean you calling me, without reminders. If you don’t call within 20 minutes of the start time, the session is null and void and still chargeable. On line issues are still chargeable if at your end. Any form of intoxication means the therapy is cancelled. Please note, the internet not working and IT issues that cause issues with calls are still payable.
Fees are £65 a session for individuals and £85 for couples (this may be more for poly and large families depending on how many people are involved) and are payable to:
Deborah Fields
Account number 54538769 Natwest Bank 53-50-39 by cash, transfer or Paypal to (deborah NULL.fields null@null gmail as a personal payment 48hrs before your session please.
I have a therapeutic executor who will contact you should something happen to me and therefore is updated with encrypted contact details of each client
Acceptance of this contract electronically and here as you are referred to it is accepted as a signature and a signed contract unless you opt out.
Re intake, please email the following to :
Emergency contact
Doctors details
Details of any prescribed drugs
Any other details are covered in the first session

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