You may have decided that you need a different space. One where you feel safe enough to be you, within which you can talk freely and look at various issues, problems and patterns in your life that in some way aren’t enabling you to be the you you believe you can be. We can offer you that space.


Psychotherapy is rational and accessible. It is not some undefinable magical, mystical process that only some people can grasp nor is it a cult or a religion. It is a logical process which anyone can understand and follow. There is no reason for anything in a session to be unreasonable or mysterious. With us, every step should make complete sense to you, the client; you may end up in strange territory but it should be entirely clear to you how you got there. This notion that facts and logic drive the psychotherapy process goes a long way in countering the  abstract and often bizarre hypotheses that can clutter and confuse us when we try to think about what makes us tick. You may have heard yourself or others wondering “Maybe , What if, When I, Am I , Will I”? We won’t be able to answer for you as the only way to know is to back up and look at the facts.


Facts are not only external but include your feelings, your reactions and your perceptions. In sessions it will be important for you to take an active role. If we suggest that in your description of X you seemed to be Y, it is only you who can decide if that is indeed what you are doing. The most important proof that an interpretation or suggestion from either side of the room is correct is your reaction to it. And right or not, if you can’t benefit from it, it’s worthless. Psychotherapy is a dialogue in that you present data, you are the expert on you and we offer ideas about that data, as well as our own data — our feelings, our past experience, our own theories — then you pick up the ball, and so on. We may help you discover truth about yourself, your life, your feelings — and is this material helping you make the changes you want or are we missing you? If we are, please speak up. We will not be right all the time of course, and it may be that your expectations for change are unrealistic or misguided. We will sort this out together but the final word is yours. We may be able to tell you what’s probably going on with you, what seems to be happening but it is only you who can say if we are right. Without your active testing of the material, psychotherapy degenerates into a thought experiment, a series of entertaining speculations and psychobabble that have no impact on your life, your behaviour, your feelings.


Your goals and where you want to be matter to us.

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