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I grew up in the business world with NLP being the new way, cash cow being the goal and one minute manager being the only book you had time for.

After working within the business world, the theatre world, sports groups and community,  it is still about the people. There are no new miracle answers and ways, it is about making the best of the relationships with your business, your community and or group to enable people to grow and to want to do their best for themselves and for your company/group.

One minute manager is a prime example. Ask not what the minute can do for you and your company but how can I get the most out of this minute for me. It is not about how much can I cram into this minute but how can I put myself into the minute I have? Think enabling. If your group aren’t getting the results you want, asking why won’t provide an answer as if those invloved knew the answer it can be safely said they would be doing something about it.

Together we can look at your business, group and community as an organism that has as much of an affect on those in it as vice versa. Maybe your sports team are letting something get in the way of their potential or your business relationships aren’t what you hoped they would be, again we can look at what has created that and how to manage the change to enable you to move forward.

We have worked with various businesses, communities and sports groups in a variety of ways. Looking at communication methods, management techniques, thinking traps and personal issues that get in the way of someone performing. We can do talks, seminars, analysis, small groups and larger man management projects.

Please get in touch as we also offer favourable rates to local sports, youth and community based projects.

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